A Rest from Writing while in the Midwest…


Destined Discovery?

As I was sorting and boxing my books today, I discovered this note tucked away in the pages of one my required readings from college. It says, “The challenge of life is to maintain integrity, a real self, despite the myriad opportunities for pretensions or insecurity. An insecurity that creates so many false selves born from the desire to please others, others who can only ever please themselves by themselves. You submit and disappear, your life becomes an act; a charade. Taking part in that charade only perpetuates it and enables others to keep up their own acts, to lose themselves, sometimes happily, for fear of what they might otherwise discover.”

What happened to this twenty-three-year-old bravery??

Defeatist Dialogues

I’m having one of those days where every time I go to open my mouth, I tell myself that what I’m about to say is silly and no one cares. It’s hard to be a consistent writer when I have these anxious and sad thoughts running a constant loop in my head. Capture

(Acknowledge artists! Featured image by: Allen, Toby. Real Monsters. 2013. http://www.zestydoesthings.com. 7 July 2016.)