Accredited Online Library Science Programs

Since I’m currently unemployed and looking into online Masters in Library and Information Science programs, I had enough time on my hands to create a list of ALA accredited (American Library Association) fully online Library Science programs. I created this list as a resource to use to compare costs, US News and World Report rankings, as well as concentrations offered, and admission requirements. As I could not locate a similar list online, I’m sharing mine. Hopefully, to prevent any other aspiring librarians from spending a weekend digging through advertising to find the basic practical information.


The list is current as of September of 2016. It will not be updated regularly. All costs listed are for out-of-state tuition only. Costs do not include fees which may be substantial. All cost information was taken directly from the college admission websites for each particular school. For convenience, I’ve input all program websites as hyperlinks of that school’s name. Click the school name to visit that school’s website for additional information and verification.

(I will not be held liable for any errors or omissions. This is meant as a helpful tool to provide prospective students with rough estimates of basic tuition costs. You are solely responsible for verifying all information including all costs.)

Full Excel Spreadsheet: ala-accredited-online-mlis-programs

Other Helpful Resources:

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5 Macabre Macbeth Moments (to Motivate a Morbid Mood for the Impending Month)

Five of my favorite spooky quotes from William’s Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Macbeth” are below paired with complementary modern and classical artworks. I hope they get you in the Halloween spirit!

Some of Shakespeare’s Original Sources & Other Highly Recommended Reading:

  1. The British Library: Collections- “Daemonologie” by King James I of England
  2. The Holinshed Project: Digital Images of the Holinshed Chronicles
  3. eBook of “Witch Hunts in Europe & America: An Encyclopedia”
  4. eBook of “The Compleat History of Magick, Sorcery, & Witchcraft” from Cornell University’s Witchcraft Collection
  5. Folger Shakespeare Library: Digital Images of the First Folio


Henry Fuseli
Macbeth Consulting the Vision of the Armed Head 1793–4
Oil on canvas, 1630 x 1300 mm



Daniel Gardner
The Three Witches from Macbeth 1775
Gouche and Chalk, 37 in. x 31 1/8 in




Luis Ricardo Falero
Vision of Faust 1878
Oil on canvas, 145.415 cm x 117.475 cm


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