Unsolicited Advice: Bad Break-Up Blues

I tend to give my best advice to friends going through rough times, so when I spouted out these words to a heartbroken friend a few days back, I figured I’d jot them down:

Allow yourself to feel how you feel even when it is uncomfortable and know you’re stronger than any emotion and will overcome it with time. Try to identify when and why you become angry or sad and sit with those reasons to figure out how to lessen their negative impact in the future. In the meantime, give yourself the love and understanding you wish men (or whoever you’re seeking love from) were capable of giving you. Be kind to yourself, look out for yourself, nourish your body and soul in the way only you can. Channel your energy into positive and creative activities you enjoy like your art, music, coloring, writing, cooking, decorating, hiking, etc. Whatever sets a fire in your soul. Treat yourself the way men SHOULD treat you. Set the example for others and yourself, so when the guys or whoever don’t measure up in the future, you immediately feel the difference and know deep down you deserve better.

Now, why can’t I think of this crap when I’m upset or having a hard time? It’s a mystery.


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