Monday’s Moody Musings: Proud Public Service Announcement

A few weeks ago I was offered a job at the local library and I happily accepted. As I had been using most of my spare time to write, unpack, and look for work, I was grateful to get a few weeks of vacation time before my first day of work today. I used that time to visit my boyfriend’s grandparents in the Midwest and drive to Northern California to visit my dad and stepmom. I hope to have some more photos to post from my drive but paid employment takes priority.

My official new title is “Circulation Assistant” which just means I help check books in and out, issue library cards, close accounts, and help shelve and organize the branch. I went to my new employee orientation today and I’m very excited to get going on my first full day of work at the branch tomorrow. I got to meet a lot of nice folks today and I think this job will be a better fit.

First thing this morning, the library director gave the small group of new employees an eloquent and inspiring speech on the importance of freedom of speech, privacy, integrity, honesty, and accountability. Even though I’m on the lower rung of the library ladder, it’s still a plus to know that the big wigs up top are down-to-earth people looking out for the best interests of the public and the employees.

A training coordinator also spoke to us and made a point of saying that continuing education and training opportunities are a priority and encouraged to all employees. She also mentioned how she doesn’t condone looking down her nose at folks who’ve had fewer opportunities or “been stuck.” So it’s also a big plus that I’m in an institution that prioritizes equal opportunities for all patrons and employees.

Some other big pluses include a very lax dress code (I can wear jeans and comfy tennis shoes! and I don’t have to do my hair and makeup everyday!! Hooray!!!). My boss is very laid back and funny. I get to be around books all day and other people interested in learning and helping others  learn and explore the world.

I get a cool ID badge! This may not seem like a big plus to some people, but when I volunteered at the library, I didn’t get an official badge. I got the bright orange, ugly “volunteer” badge and I felt like I was given a guest pass to a cool club I really wanted to be in. So even though it’s a silly symbol, it represents a desire to belong to the library crowd that I felt for a long time and now I’m in the silly club too.

Oh! and when I’m verbally abused or sexually harassed, I get to report it and the patron will be banned from the building, at least for a little while. My branch also has a full-time security guard on duty, so if there are threats or issues, there is someone nearby whose job it is to deal with those situations. It’s not all on me or the other service staff to address.

Anyway, I know it’s still a job and it’s just my first day but my first impressions were positive and I’m excited to learn more and get into a new work routine. But my focus now is learning the job and studying for the GREs so I can get going on my MLIS program applications. Plus now that I have an income, Matt and I want to stop throwing our money away on the crazy high rents around here and find a house. I may write a bit less in the next few weeks as I try to relearn math for my upcoming test, learn about first-time home-buying, and learn my new position at the library.

Again, thanks for reading. I’m so grateful to have so many followers and found so many interesting and inspiring blogs to read myself. I plan to write a “Thankful Thursday” post soon to highlight my amazing blog finds and followers!


One thought on “Monday’s Moody Musings: Proud Public Service Announcement

  1. Great commentary about your new job – love your writing and photography is amazing!!! Congrats Allie! And to think it all started as a filing clerk at Provider Resource! I think this job will be perfect for you!!


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