Wandering the Wild Woods

Hi there! I’ve come back to regale you with glorious tales of my wild success on my goal list from yesterday. I know you’re waiting with baited breath on the edge of your seats so I’ll dive right in:

  1. Allow myself to relax for an hour– I did this very well. Not only did I relax in bed reading blogs and catching up on the news with my kitties, I got so darn comfy in bed that I fell asleep again until 11:30am. I seem to be slowly returning to my college routine of procrastinating and avoiding homework (or in this case begging for work) by cleaning and organizing every inch of my home. That is until 9pm or so when I suddenly realize I’m running out of time to squeeze in the things I meant to accomplish that day.
  2. Get curious about my new surroundings. So, full disclosure, I got totally lost when I went off exploring and didn’t see as much of my new town as I did the surrounding forests and towns (just like I do in Final Fantasy  and Zelda.  Me and maps don’t mix. But I didn’t encounter any monsters in need of battling so that was nice). Since my phone battery started to die during my exploration, I decided to play it safe and head back to the apartment a little on the early side. I did see a bit of the downtown area and even spotted a few bookstores I plan to visit soon when I have more than a nickel and a pile of pennies in my car for parking. (LastWordBooks &  OrcaBooks– and this one has book clubs. Bonus!)
  3. Do something fun and in no way productive to the unpacking/moving business. This didn’t happen. I mean, I had some fun on my scenic drive, but mostly I just worried about running out of gas or my phone dying before I figured out where I was. I’m trying to think of fun things I can do tomorrow. Honestly, I think relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea sounds amazeballs. So, that will be on the docket for tomorrow.
  4. Apply to one job. Ok, so I got part-way done with this one, but I kinda spaced that I need to update my resume and draft a cover letter (gotta stop doing this crap last minute when my brain is fried), so that part has yet to be completed. I also found another job prospect that sounds fun and has benefits. Oh! and I found a website, FreelancersUnion, so in the next few weeks, I want to read up on freelancing and maybe even attend one of their local meetings.
  5. Resist sugar cravings. Mission complete. But I’ve been thinking about some strawberry ice cream sandwiches in the freezer since about 5pm. My boyfriend’s in bed now, so I could easily sneak one without getting any “concerned” health or nutrition talks. It’s like he thinks I deserve to feel good and wants me to live a long life or something. So annoying. I know I’ll feel guilty if I sneak one and also, I’ll give myself the talk for him as penance. Stupid love stuff- he’s got me cutting down on sugar, moving to some strange town, and I made HIM dinner. “It’s a turvy-topsy world.”

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