Relaxation Results

So if you tuned into my blog yesterday, you’ll know I was a Debbie-Downer in need of some serious rest and relaxation after a crazy stressful month of moving, working, and hostessing family from out-of-town. And now I’m craving Hostess cupcakes, that’s just great. Well, since I’m still having stress-induced sugar cravings, you may be able to guess that I remain a little strung out.

I did do less today. I slept in until 9:30am or so, and I even spent an hour watching TV and playing with the kitties. However, I also made a road trip back to the old apartment to pack up as much remaining crap that would fit into my tiny trunk. Actually, I managed to squeeze in a fair amount of boxes and laundry baskets filled with miscellaneous odds and ends. My fast trip home came to a halt when I ran into the afternoon traffic. Still, I rocked out to some old CDs and made it home right before rush hour, so I’m counting that as a win.

I’m feeling better now that I’ve found a few job postings that sound interesting. Though I’m disappointed I couldn’t find any openings at a library, I figure I’ll keep looking while applying to available positions that can provide some relevant experience. I’ll happily put in a year at a job that will lead to library/museum employment and simultaneously fund my training. I’m keeping my eyes open for bookstore jobs too, but I didn’t see anything in my area. Whatever happens, I want to continue my blog and explore freelance writing possibilities.

My goals for tomorrow are to:

  1. Relax for more than an hour.
  2. Get curious about my new surroundings and explore the town by car or bike. (Thanks to older sis for the suggestion. Did you know “getting curious” helps with anxiety-provoking situations? I read that somewhere. So I’ll be getting curious about the town tomorrow.)
  3. Do something fun and in no way productive towards the moving/unpacking business.
  4. Apply to one job.
  5. Resist sugar cravings (I caved and had a Dr.Pepper today).

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